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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs
Commercial Construction

Jobs in the commercial sector can vary greatly in size and requirements. We can construct from ground up for your next building or addition. Steel framed, Concrete Structure or Stick Built. We will be able to help guide you to the best choice to meet your city's building code standards and meeting or exceeding the time constraints for completion of your next facility. We have a project management team that can't be matched so you can have a direct line to all your questions and answers for your next project.

Residential Construction

We can help you make your old home new or your design on paper become a reality. We specialize in making homes beautiful and structurally strong for a lifetime or more. 

General Contracting

Are you tired of making a hundred phone calls a week, dealing with concepts that you don't fully understand? Do you know if the contractors that you have chosen have a solid record of business, fair rates, and any discrepancies in their portfolio. Framing, Concrete, HVAC, Insulation, Landscaping, Drywall, Cabinets, whatever your need we can help. At ProBuilding we only work with quality contractors that we want to put on the project so it can be completed correctly and on budget. 


Need somewhere to put your heavy equipment, hay , or live stock? We can erect a large building for you quickly and with strength that will last longer than anything you can put in it. Even adding finishing touches such as stone work, or trim to make a nice finish on your barn. 


People often think about the interior of a home to be the most important. Without a solid roof, your interior would be soaked, rotted, fallen in, moldy, devalued and overall in horrible shape. ProBuilding we specialize in all roofing systems. Metal, Shingle, or even Flat Roofing. We are a Preferred Contractor, meaning we have a mass selection of color choices and products to offer. We can help guide you in your next roof choice determining what is best for your budget and overall goals.


First thing you see when you pull up to a home is how the exterior is finished. As a Preferred Contractor we have a large selection from our multiple suppliers. Vinyl, Board and Batten, Brick, Steel, Shake, or our premium product LP Smartside. We can even design your exterior with multiple different styles for a one of a kind look. We can give your home a face lift that would have the whole neighborhood talking. 

Custom Decks 

Helping people create a place to enjoy the outside of their homes as much as they love the inside. Entertaining, relaxing, or lounging in the sun, your new deck can make your house a home. Fun, Food, and Life happens on decks, let us help you create one that fits your space. Whether you prefer composite or wood we can help you add an additional layer of quality and convenience to your home. 

General Construction

ProBuilding is your last stop to finding your 5 star contractor that can help you with all things exterior construction. 

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